Valentine’s Day: Reporters We Love

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This Valentine’s Day, we’re sending some love to our friends and colleagues in journalism. We’re grateful to them for their hard work and efforts to inform and educate the public. To express our gratitude to the reporters we count on to bring us our news every day, we asked the Full Court Press team to spread the love to a reporter they appreciate this Valentines’ Day.


Dan’s sending some love to Marcus Thompson and Tim Kawakami:

Life would not be worth living without Marcus Thompson (@ThompsonScribe) and Tim Kawakami (@timkawakami) of The Athletic.  Each brings insight and thoughtful analysis to this unique moment in time in Golden State Warriors History.  They elevated my understanding of this team, Steve Kerr’s leadership philosophy, and the changes in the modern game.  In addition, I am impressed by their fearless entry into podcasting in 2016-17 and then venturing off to launch The Athletic in 2017.  

Caitlin’s sending some love to Katy Tur:

Katy Tur (@KatyTurNBC) first came on my radar during the 2016 election when she covered the Trump campaign for NBC. She quickly became one of Trump’s favorite reporters to publicly ridicule (He affectionately dubbed her “Little Katy”). But my admiration reached full stan-levels after reading, “Unbelievable: My Front Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in History.” The book is a carefully detailed account of her days covering the Trump campaign. While it’s tough to relive the 2016 election on the pages of her book, it’s an insightful look at the Trump campaign and how we ended up with the Trump administration. Katy now anchors on MSNBC, and I appreciate her straight forward approach to politics, she never demurs from asking the hard questions, and she definitely isn’t afraid to call out the ridiculous when she sees it (which is more and more frequent these days).

Erika’s sending some love to Carlos Maza:

I enjoy Carlos Maza’s (@gaywonk) thoughtful, informative journalism for Vox. His long-form video journalism often breaks down a specific issue in well-researched detail. At the intersection of traditional long-form journalism and digital-centric media, Maza produces content that is engaging without compromising in substance. Often with an emphasis on media coverage in the age of Trump, Maza’s videos are particularly interesting when considering the ways in which journalism, media, and the communications industry are in flux. Each video engages me, pulls me in, and leaves me mulling over a different lesson, often from a changed perspective.

The entire Full Court Press team sends love to local journalists:

The work you do to inform and educate the public does not go unappreciated.

We also understand that love doesn’t pay the bills. FCP is also renewing many of our digital and print subscriptions to our local newspapers; we hope others will too.

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