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My 5 Essential Writing Lessons from Stephen King

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The following is written by FCP Communications Counselor Caitlin Scott.


Whether it’s a press release, talking points, an opinion essay or a blog like this one – the written word is often our medium to provide information to clients and partners. Ostensibly, Full Court Press is a team of professional writers. And we constantly strive to grow, evolve and improve our writing skills.

A handful of years ago, I happened across Stephen King’s book “On Writing: a Memoir of the Craft” at Green Apple Books, a used bookstore in San Francisco. Intrigued, I pulled the book off the shelf and started to read. With the aforementioned goal to grow, evolve and improve my writing skills – I decided to purchase it and finish reading at home.

Fast forward to a few years later, and I often call on this this text’s wisdom when creating content for our clients. Prior to reading this book, I thought Stephen King’s expertise was limited to the supernatural and science fiction variety. But, who better to teach the master class on writing than a person who wrote 54 novels, six non-fiction books and more than 200 short stories?

The Power of a Teacher (from FCP Alum)

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This is a piece we requested from FCP Alum Juan Martinez. He posted a nugget about this on Facebook after his recent graduation from Cal’s Journalism school with a Master’s degree.  Below, he shares the backstory behind this powerful quote:

“17 years ago, he handed my classmates and I a Xerox copy of his diploma from UC Berkeley. I still don’t know where I got the courage from and what came over me, but I looked him dead in his eyes, shook his hand and told him that one day I would get a degree from Cal and return the favor of handing him a copy of my diploma.”

FCP Alum Juan Martinez at graduation from Berkeley’s School of Journalism

What kind of thought leader are you?

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[no title] 1982 by Sol LeWitt

[no title] 1982 by Sol LeWitt

The first in a series of occasional missives on Thought Leadership

What kind of thought leader are you?  What kind might you become? Five thought leaders weigh in with ideas.

I’m vexed.  I’m confused.  Over and over in 2014, we heard from clients, prospective clients, friends and business leaders that they wanted to become a thought leader. Can you “become” a thought leader?  Can you “emerge” or “evolve” into a thought leader?

I can assure you that hundreds of proposals from marketing and communications firms last year contained line items called “Thought Leadership Development” or something akin to that.  But what is it?  How can we deliver it?  How can YOU become one?

As always in these situations, I turned to the wisdom of my network.  I solicited answers to a dozen or so questions about thought leadership from people who can reasonably called thought leaders.  Occasionally through 2015, I hope to share their answers and muse on them. Ideally even generate some pieces like this in an attempt to help us all grapple with what thought leadership is and what it can mean to us as communications professionals and consumers of communications services.

Here are three very different answers to the question: