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Five Communications Lessons from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Ice Bucket Challenge

by FCP Communications Counselor April Thomas @AprilBThomas

Unless you’ve been living on the moon, you’ve seen the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) sweep the internet over the past few weeks. With a simple concept and no marketing budget, over $5.5 million has been raised for the ALS Association.

In the marketing world the question on everyone’s mind is – how do I accomplish that for my cause? What is the secret formula that made this fundraising idea take off?

There are a number of lessons we can take away from this about how to make a fundraising campaign “go viral.”

Another Face of the New War on Poverty

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The statistics are staggering.  $15 Billion cut from California’s programs to serve those in need.  200,000 Alameda County residents living below the Federal Poverty Line.  250,000 Alameda County residents went hungry last year – half of them children.

The War on Poverty goes beyond the statistics and touches lives.  This film, another in the series developed for the Human Impact Budget Project, highlights Sharon Rhinehart’s journey.  Sharon was in foster care and battled homelessness when she aged out of the system.  Today, she is a mother and on the path toward rebuilding her life.  Her story is a positive one – an example of what happens when our social safety net catches families and individuals going through tough times.

Foster youth are at great risk in our society.  Sharon bravely shares her story and serves as a model for how we can wage the New War on Poverty.