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It Takes Two: A Conversation on FCP, Two Years Later

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The Full Court Press team is celebrating a milestone this week: two years ago, Caitlin Scott (Senior Communications Counselor) and Audrey Baker (Communications Counselor) joined our team. A lot has changed over the past two years. Our state, our nation, and the world of communications are not the same. FCP sat down with Caitlin and Audrey to discuss how much has changed and what they’ve learned over the years.

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International Women’s Day

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Today is International Women’s Day, a celebration of the many social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. To celebrate International Women’s Day, Full Court Press rounded up some of the female figures who have most inspired us. These change-makers are merely a small sample of the incredible women working to make the world a better, more just place for all. They demonstrate for us all ways to #BeBoldForChange .

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Pomp and Circumstance Revisited

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Bethany Henderson is the amazing founder of City Hall Fellows. She just ended a stint as a White House Fellow.  This spring, she was asked to give the commencement address at her high school exactly 20 years after her graduation and she was stuck. Roadblocked.  Unsure of what to say.

So she did what many of us do in those situations, she asked “The Crowd.”

She posted a quick tweet asking for commencement advice.  Dan was one of the respondents and suggested that students harness their superpower…relentlessly

Bethany ran with that concept and created something fantastic.

The lesson – your friends will always be there for you…just ask.  The inspiration you need may be a tweet, email, or phone call away.

Bethany’s speech is humble, personal, inspiring, and amazing.  You can find it on her blog, “Finding Our Best Selves.” Please read and share.

Meet Jeff Kirschner – Founder of Litterati and FCP friend

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Jeff Kirschner's Litterati Trading Card

Earlier this week, Dan Cohen posted his first piece at “Talking Good.”  It’s a website dedicated to telling the powerful stories of individuals making a global difference.  The piece highlighted Jeff Kirschner who is the founder of Litterati uses Instragram to help create a litter-free planet.

We are thankful to Rich Polt, founder of Talking Good, for the invitation. Please click on the photo and enjoy the video/audio/interview. Read below for an overview of what Jeff and a community of thousands has built.

Another Face of the New War on Poverty

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The statistics are staggering.  $15 Billion cut from California’s programs to serve those in need.  200,000 Alameda County residents living below the Federal Poverty Line.  250,000 Alameda County residents went hungry last year – half of them children.

The War on Poverty goes beyond the statistics and touches lives.  This film, another in the series developed for the Human Impact Budget Project, highlights Sharon Rhinehart’s journey.  Sharon was in foster care and battled homelessness when she aged out of the system.  Today, she is a mother and on the path toward rebuilding her life.  Her story is a positive one – an example of what happens when our social safety net catches families and individuals going through tough times.

Foster youth are at great risk in our society.  Sharon bravely shares her story and serves as a model for how we can wage the New War on Poverty.