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Grassroots Organizing on the Right Side of Justice: Lessons Learned from DeRay Mckesson

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Last week, Full Court Press team member Caitlin Scott visited Inforum, an Innovation Lab at the Bay Area institution The Commonwealth Club. This event featured renowned activist DeRay Mckesson interviewed by Obama White House alumnus Dan Pfeiffer. Caitlin shares some key lessons and takeaways below.

Grassroots Organizing on the Right Side of Justice: Lessons Learned from DeRay Mckesson


DeRay Mckesson’s name is often in the news, and his weekly podcast “Pod Save the People” features robust and thoughtful discussions on current events — particularly those impacting marginalized communities. I admire DeRay’s ability to distill complicated and layered topics into a sensitive narrative that is digestible and actionable.

DeRay is one of my generation’s most important voices on American civil rights. He is a leader of the Black Lives Matter movement, a frequent target of conservative pundits, and one of less than a dozen people who Beyoncé follows on Twitter. But perhaps most importantly, DeRay has engaged a generation to advance racial justice at a time when the energy for political activism is electric, and the Trump administration is rapidly working to turn the clock back on civil rights.

While it would be a tall order to recount all of the wisdom DeRay imparted to his audience at the Commonwealth Club in a single blog post, here are the top five takeaways from DeRay for aspiring changemakers and grassroots organizers:

FCP Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

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This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week, and while teachers around the country will be treated to apples on desks and Starbucks giftcards, here at Full Court Press we’re honoring teachers by reflecting upon the powerful impact a teacher can have. In our work with education organizations such as EducationSuperHighway, Peralta Community College District, and the California Acceleration Project, we’ve seen how much work is being done to try to improve education systems. One thing we can agree upon is the need to appreciate, encourage, and cultivate more life-changing teachers like the ones we celebrate today.

Today and every day, FCP celebrates a lifelong love of learning, and a deep appreciation for those who teach and cultivate it. We had the FCP staff share some reflections on teachers who have had a lasting impact on them below:   

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Everything I Learned, I Learned at Cheerios

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Early in my career, I had the opportunity to work at General Mills. Working with leading and trusted brands like Cheerios, Wheaties, and Betty Crocker was an eye-opener and powerful learning experience.

May 1 is the anniversary of the original launch of Cheerios in 1941. In honor of Cheerio’s 76th anniversary, here are three reflections from my time in Minneapolis working at General Mills.



The Inheritance:  Sometimes you build a brand, but sometimes you inherit one. Thousands of people worked for 50 years on the Cheerios “brand” long before I got there. And thousands more will continue to do so for years to come.

International Women’s Day

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Today is International Women’s Day, a celebration of the many social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. To celebrate International Women’s Day, Full Court Press rounded up some of the female figures who have most inspired us. These change-makers are merely a small sample of the incredible women working to make the world a better, more just place for all. They demonstrate for us all ways to #BeBoldForChange .

women's day


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By: Audrey Baker

April 22, 2016 is the 46th Earth Day! To mark this moment we’ve asked our staff which environmental leaders, organizations and outdoor places inspire us to celebrate our earth. Below are some of our answers.Earth day shosh

Shoshanna’s response: I’m very inspired by 15 year old Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh, a youth climate-activist who is taking on climate change issues through music and performance. I first saw Xiuhtezcatl perform at PowerShift in 2013, where he and his brother awed the audience with the climate-focused music. For me, this young-man is a representation of hope for the next generation. Not to mention, he is from my hometown, Boulder, CO. So we have a deep and an unspoken mountain connection.

Earth Day AB

Audrey’s response: I spent the summers of 2011-2014 in the Sierra Nevada’s at UC Berkeley’s Alumni Camp, the Lair of the Golden Bear. The camp is located in beautiful Pinecrest, California off of Highway 108 in Tuolumne County. The giant pine trees, fields of flowers, Tuolumne Creek, and Pinecrest Lake make for a beautiful and inspiring home away from home. Over the years I’ve noticed changes to the climate of Pinecrest. Several feet of snow used to collect in the winter and would fill up the creek for the summer. However, there is far less snow now, which means the creek has much less water, and is completely dried up by August. Pinecrest is my reminder about the drastic climate changes our earth is going through, and my inspiration to continue to work to preserve our planet.