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Pomp and Circumstance Revisited

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Bethany Henderson is the amazing founder of City Hall Fellows. She just ended a stint as a White House Fellow.  This spring, she was asked to give the commencement address at her high school exactly 20 years after her graduation and she was stuck. Roadblocked.  Unsure of what to say.

So she did what many of us do in those situations, she asked “The Crowd.”

She posted a quick tweet asking for commencement advice.  Dan was one of the respondents and suggested that students harness their superpower…relentlessly

Bethany ran with that concept and created something fantastic.

The lesson – your friends will always be there for you…just ask.  The inspiration you need may be a tweet, email, or phone call away.

Bethany’s speech is humble, personal, inspiring, and amazing.  You can find it on her blog, “Finding Our Best Selves.” Please read and share.