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The Power of a Teacher (from FCP Alum)

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This is a piece we requested from FCP Alum Juan Martinez. He posted a nugget about this on Facebook after his recent graduation from Cal’s Journalism school with a Master’s degree.  Below, he shares the backstory behind this powerful quote:

“17 years ago, he handed my classmates and I a Xerox copy of his diploma from UC Berkeley. I still don’t know where I got the courage from and what came over me, but I looked him dead in his eyes, shook his hand and told him that one day I would get a degree from Cal and return the favor of handing him a copy of my diploma.”

FCP Alum Juan Martinez at graduation from Berkeley’s School of Journalism

How about the Oakland Warriors?

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Oakland Warriors

(First published in Fall 2011 – but applicable as we await NBA Finals)

While we wait for the NBA to tip-off (in 2011), how about we discuss renaming the team to the Oakland Warriors?

In a non-scientific survey among my Facebook friends there is a near even split. As you might imagine, my friends from that city across the Bay raised a number of concerns while my 510 friends, and even ones from around the country saw the possibilities in renaming the team..

If you ask me, The Oakland Warriors has a fantastic ring to it.   It is recognition that Oakland is an economic force unto itself and a hat tip to the community who has supported it through lean and good years.

Long ago, the Warriors were affiliated with a city…Philadelphia.  My dad, a huge fan of the team, still talks about the direct link between the players, the people and the city.