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3×3: Three Experts Answer Three Questions on Social Media

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Full Court Press sought out the perspectives of some social media experts on how they would answer some of the challenges faced by social enterprises looking to build up a social media presence. We discovered diverse and varied ways to navigate some of the trickiest social media challenges— from building a presence, to facing the trolls, to finding success.

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First, What Advice do you have for a social enterprise or business that is starting toes into advocacy on social media?

Ginna Green, ReThink Media, Managing Director, Money in Politics and Fair Courts: Be authentic. Be strategic. Be patient. And understand the explicit reason you are engaging in social media beyond the fact that everyone is doing it. Social media can feel like it is its own world, and that is true to an extent. But it is the world that we make it, an extension of ourselves, our brands, our personalities, distilled, but also expanded. To me this means a requirement that we are always our most true selves, as individuals and organizations, and is probably even more true for brands and firms than for just folks.

Alicia Trost, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), Communications Manager: Hone your message and workshop it to death until it is where you want it. Don’t just jump in and start tweeting what you think. Everything should come from your strategy message. Have facts, data, and examples at the ready to use at any given moment. Make sure you know where you can quickly point folks to more information. Anything you would say to the media on the record can be said on social. Humanize or at least visualize your advocacy using videos, pictures and graphics.  

Don’t just send out canned messages and retweet, you HAVE TO engage and have a conversation with people. If you do it correctly and at the right time, people will look at your timeline and see how you responded. BART has received earned media about the conversations we have had on Twitter and how they incorporated our strategic messaging.  

Dan Cohen, Full Court Press Communications, Founder:  Leave nothing to chance.  Start slowly.  Be humble. Ask your customers or audience where they are, what tools they use, and how they want to engage with you.  Some social media tools prioritize one-way communications while others are meant for back and forth.  Choose wisely.  And if there is one thing we’ve learned, its that you should seek to perfect your approach by trial and error and measurement on one channel before starting another.  

Everything I Learned, I Learned at Cheerios

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Early in my career, I had the opportunity to work at General Mills. Working with leading and trusted brands like Cheerios, Wheaties, and Betty Crocker was an eye-opener and powerful learning experience.

May 1 is the anniversary of the original launch of Cheerios in 1941. In honor of Cheerio’s 76th anniversary, here are three reflections from my time in Minneapolis working at General Mills.



The Inheritance:  Sometimes you build a brand, but sometimes you inherit one. Thousands of people worked for 50 years on the Cheerios “brand” long before I got there. And thousands more will continue to do so for years to come.

Hey – we make brochures now!

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Our profession is changing so quickly.  In the old days, our job was to get you in the newspaper…or keep you out of it. Today, we focus on identifying your target audiences and surrounding them with the essential information they need in order to have the desired impact.

In the last 18 months, our team collaborated with our clients and top tier designers.  Together, we created a handful of amazing brochures and infographics. We’re finding these materials are a great way to complement our communications activities and a strategic way to reach and surround a target audience.

Below are just a few of the items we created – along with a quick explanation.  Please enjoy them.  And if you need help with brochures or infographics, we make that at the factory now too.

California Executives’ Alliance:  How do you represent the work of 20 major California foundations collaborating on issues facing Boys and Men of Color Initiative?  How do you help share the aspirations and the goals of this powerful group?  Click here to see this report. caa

Early Connections (Alameda County):  Local mental health leaders got together to revolutionize the field of early intervention and family-centered mental health care for children.  What they achieved over six years is documented here and meant to inspire conversations, dreams, and aspirations of an entire field. Click here to see the Early Connections report


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This piece was posted at the new blog Live Work Oakland.  We were thrilled to be asked to participate.

You have a creative idea for a new company.  Your product or service may be anything from a business plan on a napkin to an early sample, or even a finished item.  Now what?

Entrepreneurs and their support networks face difficult choices on where to devote their time, energy, and financial resources. Often, branding and communications are not a priority, and companies have a lot of unanswered questions about how to invest in both. When is it too early?  When is it too late?  And frankly, what is branding and communications, and why should it matter to us?

We are asked these questions constantly by our friends in the business and social good communities. We have a few guiding principles, but in the interest of being innovative, we also crowd-sourced some thoughts from among our peers who can add some insights.

What’s in a name?

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Here at Full Court Press, we wear many hats. On any given day, we work in traditional communications with TV crews and reporters, we create compelling social media content, we help build coalitions and relationships across industries and communities, we put together advertising packages, and sometimes, we even help with branding. Branding is a significant and early process for many of our clients, whether you’re a small nonprofit, a coalition of organizations, or a larger foundation or business. So how do you get started?