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It Takes Two: A Conversation on FCP, Two Years Later

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The Full Court Press team is celebrating a milestone this week: two years ago, Caitlin Scott (Senior Communications Counselor) and Audrey Baker (Communications Counselor) joined our team. A lot has changed over the past two years. Our state, our nation, and the world of communications are not the same. FCP sat down with Caitlin and Audrey to discuss how much has changed and what they’ve learned over the years.

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Faces of the New War on Poverty

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As calendars turned to 2014, many marked the 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty.  The 1964 political push matched the stories and faces of income inequality with the start of a series of public policies meant to impact lives. Part of what made the War on Poverty so compelling were the personal stories that helped to move legislators and the public. That lesson wasn’t lost on local leaders.

This week, FCP helped Alameda County launch two important initiatives.  The first is “The New War on Poverty” led by Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan.  In her words, the effort is meant to use new tools, technology and resources to help turn the tide against the growing income inequality – which in many census tracts is worse than in 1964.

In addition, FCP also helped to launch Alameda County’s new “Human Impact Budget” website.  It asks Alameda County residents and others to “Experience the Stories. Get the Facts. Take Action.”  

It features dozens of personal stories that put a face on the impacts of relentless budget cuts.  It also provides a message of hope, in the voices of Alameda residents, for what modest investments in the community can yield for all of us. For a powerful start, you can watch Judy Nguyen’s Story.

Please take a moment to enjoy this first video – we’ll post more in the weeks ahead.  And let’s hope we do more to transform lives in the next 50 years.