Solano County Public Health



Solano County is one of the unhealthiest counties in California. A significant percentage of adults in the county smoke cigarettes and many adults and children are of an unhealthy weight and have been diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes. Solano County’s community members needed more access to fruits and vegetables, fresh water, smoke-free spaces and health classes. As Solano County Public Health Department worked to increase healthy options, they found it difficult to keep the community informed about new and existing programs that help make Solano County’s environment more healthy. That’s where we came in. The department asked FCP to help share these messages with the public by spreading the word about how to make health-minded choices in Solano County.


Solano County Public Health Department received a multi-year grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH) program. As part of this grant, FCP was hired to lead in branding, developing, and executing a two-year public health awareness campaign. The campaign, VibeSolano, spread the word about efforts to create healthier environments with and for residents. FCP created numerous social media campaigns, worked with reporters to publish dozens of articles and opinion pieces in local newspapers, and placed nearly $1 million in targeted paid advertising on TV, radio, cinema, digital, and social media.


VibeSolano resulted in an unprecedented number of media messages in a wide variety of venues that reached residents throughout the County. The campaign successfully raised awareness, promoted environmental changes, and spread the word about creating healthy options that will last long after this funding ends. Examples of the campaign’s success include:

  • A VibeSolano Facebook page which regularly shares posts and pictures with over 1,700 followers. FCP created the Facebook page, developed content, and ran ads to receive more followers and encourage our audience to engage with our posts. The combined posts on the page reached hundreds of thousands of people;
  • Nine radio ads placed on local radio station KUIC.FCP scripted and recorded these ads to promote VibeSolano initiatives and successes. The ads were heard about 4 million times in the last two years;
  • Eight Comcast television ads that were viewed an estimated 800,000 times. FCP outlined, scripted, directed, and worked the local videographer to edit three of the video ads. Those three were also played on the big screen before feature films in movie theaters in Fairfield, Vacaville, and Vallejo, and were seen more than 980,000 times. You can view:
  • Nine original digital messages that had more than 11 million combined views, on a variety of websites. FCP worked with a local graphic designer to develop the branding and messaging for all digital ads. Here is an example:

  • Three large stand-up kiosks in local malls in Solano County. FCP worked with a local graphic designer to develop the branding and messaging for all outdoor ads. Each original mall ad reached an estimated 800,000 mall visitors. Here are the ad designs: