The very foundation of strategic communications is changing in the current media landscape. Individuals can choose to find their news where they want to. In this fractured environment, the key to effective communications comes in defining target audiences as narrowly as possible and surrounding them with focused messaging.

Full Court Press Communications has evolved as its audiences have. What this means for our clients is that we focus our energies on choosing the appropriate strategies – regardless of the tactical elements required – and then we relentlessly execute them.

  • Public Relations
  • Public Affairs
  • Crisis Communications
  • Social Media
  • Public relations used to be all about getting you in the newspaper when the time was right and keeping you out of the newspaper when the time was wrong. The current media landscape, however, is much more complex and ever evolving.

    People find their news in many different places – but the key is that no matter where your audiences find their news, it should reflect your approach and key messages.

    At Full Court Press, we offer a solid foundation of traditional public relations activities, from writing press releases to doggedly calling newsrooms. But we also are constantly in the pursuit of innovative ideas that will help you reach and surround your target audiences with effective messaging through all forms of online media.

    As part of your team, we’ll work together to identify those audiences, build focused messaging, and relentlessly execute a strategic plan of action.

    Our Expertise

    • Media Relations
    • Strategic Communications Planning and Counsel
    • Message Development
    • Editorial Services and Materials Development
    • Event Promotion
    • Media Training





  • At the core of our work is the pursuit of social change through strategic communications. We’ve worked with elected officials at all levels of government, community leaders, stakeholders, and grassroots volunteers to affect public policy and achieve our clients’ goals.

    Linking grassroots advocacy and coalition building to media and social media is at the core of our public affairs work. We know how to find common ground among diverse interests and perspectives by listening, communicating, and building a strategic path forward.

    Our Expertise

    • Public Affairs and Issues Management
    • Public Events
    • Grassroots Advocacy
    • Coalition Building





  • We hope you’re never in a crisis communications situation. But if you are, we’re just a phone call away. Since 2001, we’ve been here for clients to provide calm counsel, strategic decision making, and implementation of a crisis management plan.

    We have helped numerous corporations and organizations in times of crisis, and we know how to get you through with your brand and relationships intact.

    In a crisis there’s no time to waste, so we’ll work at blinding speed to find resolution for you. Together, we’ll help you create a trusted dialogue with your target audiences, maintain message discipline, quiet the rumor mill, and deflect attention when necessary.

    Our Expertise

    • Crisis Communications Media Training
    • Development of “In the Event Of a Crisis” Plans
    • Strategic Communications Counsel
    • Implementation of Crisis Management Strategy





  • Social media is a critical component of a communications strategy. From opinion leaders to voters, more and more people are seeking information and making decisions based on what they see and interact with on social media.

    We’ll help formulate a strategic plan for social media outreach and then work relentlessly to implement it. We’ll go above and beyond to help you deploy your partners to echo your message and expand your reach through social media.

    Whether you want to build your own internal capability or rely on us for day-to-day management of your accounts, our partnership will help you find an effective and unique voice on social media that surrounds your target audiences.

    Our Expertise

    • Strategic Planning for Social Media Outreach
    • Social Media Advertising Campaigns
    • Group Training Sessions for Social Media Use (In-Person and Via Webinar)
    • Political Advocacy through Social Media Organizing