OMG It’s Giving Tuesday! 6 Easy Communications Tips

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So, Giving Tuesday is November 29, 2016. Are you and your organization ready?

If you are in business, are you maximizing your public/private partnerships? If you are with a non-profit, are you ready to create a deluge of support? If you are philanthropy, are you ready to inspire others?

Is your answer “OMG no, it can’t possibly be Giving Tuesday again!” 

Here are a slew of easy-to-implement ideas for your organization. With a little push, you can put these into motion before Giving Tuesday arrives.

UNVEIL THE FUTURE (Visibility): 

Use the moment to quickly share plans for 2017 on the communications channels you control. Help itemize the top 3-5 things you will accomplish in the year ahead and ask for support. Your blog, social media, and email newsletters are your best path to reach potential donors and their networks. A peek into the future will help donors visualize where their money is going.

SEE THE FUTURE (Photos/Videos): 

You control the library of powerful photos (especially of people), along with video and even audio. Now is the time to break out your best stuff and share as content on all your platforms. This includes social, email newsletters, blogs, ads, signage, etc. Use this moment to help your audience (donors, partners, customers) develop a more visceral connection with your cause. Help them to see it, feel it, and hear it.

HEAR THE FUTURE (Storytelling):

Use this moment to tell a story of impact that puts a human face on your organization’s work. Ground this story in the experience of one person and how their life has been affected by the work your organization does. Share this story in as many ways as possible – website, email, social, word of mouth, and through media.

FIX THE FUTURE (Rebooting): 

Each of us has an organizational weak spot when it comes to communications. Perhaps it’s a languishing social media channel that you started (I see you, Instagram) but that never fully realized its potential. Perhaps it’s a call center that just doesn’t share the love with inbound calls the way it used to. In the next week or so, commit to a 14-day strategy to reboot that platform with compelling content – including the stories you are telling and multimedia you are gathering

SEEK WISDOM (Ask Questions):

Giving isn’t just about the $$. It’s about building a knowledge base on how to engage with your key audiences. Use the moment to ask questions of your key audiences. Engage them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog posts) by asking questions that prompt a response. “What are you thankful for in your community? Who in your life are you thankful for?”

The goal is to engage your audience in a conversation and deepen their ties with your efforts.

Bonus points if you mobilize this conversation around a hashtag or common venue. Successful giving is both socially motivated and influenced, therefore people who engage in conversation are more likely to follow through with action.


Generosity is easy. You don’t need to go it alone. You still have time to tap into partners, peers, vendors and allies to engage in mutually beneficial communications efforts. Use the moment to build momentum around a shared call to action. Maximize these relationships to reach farther and build a broader sense of community. Use the moment to identify opportunities to author a joint op-ed, co-sponsor a community event or cross-promote each other’s organizations in your respective newsletters and social media platforms.

Happy Holidays from Full Court Press Communications



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