Napa Valley Community Foundation/ Immigration

The Challenge

When the Napa Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) wanted to convene a civic and community dialogue on the impact of immigration in their community, they reached out to FCP. Knowing that immigration is often a very emotional and difficult issue for communities, NVCF and FCP had to strike the right tone and be deliberate about including all Napa Valley voices in the conversation.

Our Work

FCP supported the Napa Valley Community Foundation by providing media capacity, strategic counsel and media training related to the release of the “Profile of Immigrants in Napa County” report, produced by NVCF and the Migration Policy Institute. We developed a strategy for previewing the report with small, diverse audiences before it was released to the broader community. As part of our media relations strategy, FCP worked with NVCF and its partners to develop messaging, press releases, editorials and social media tools to help them fully surround and engage their target audience, including those who had divergent opinions. FCP also assisted NVCF when it hosted a 200-person community meeting that allowed participants to delve deeply into the report findings. Finally, we provided guidance to NVCF as it worked to highlight personal stories, specifically by providing counsel on the development of three mini-documentaries with three very different stories of immigration in the Napa Valley.

The Result

As a result of our collaboration, FCP was able to raise awareness of the “Profile of Immigrants in Napa County” report throughout the region and the state. The report was covered by NPR’s Marketplace, New American Media, Univision Nacional and more. Additionally, media outlets like the Los Angeles Times participated in the NVCF’s community meeting on immigration in Napa County. Thanks to media coverage and effective community engagement, the Napa Valley Community Foundation was able to highlight personal stories on both sides of the immigration debate. Even now, it is continuing the immigration conversation in a civil, thoughtful and respectful way.