A Bright Future for East Bay Students: Peralta Community College District Passes Torch for Career Pathways Consortium

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The challenge: How can we communicate the efforts of multiple educational institutions working together to create pathways for students to college and career in one coherent story?

The lesson: sometimes people tell their own story best. When a project like East Bay Career Pathways is rooted in establishing relationships, building a community, and serving others, its narrative should reflect that by shining a spotlight on the people who made it possible.


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In 2014, the East Bay Career Pathways (EBCP) consortium, led by the Peralta Community College District, was awarded a $15 million grant from California Department of Education to develop a network of K-12, community college, and workforce intermediary organizations. The work aimed to connect the groups to build ‘career pathways’ that would link high school and college-aged students with the skills, resources, and training needed to take advantage of opportunities to work in in-demand fields in their community. This work is particularly needed in the Bay Area, where growing prosperity has not been shared by all, and often overlooks local communities. As their grant work drew to a close, EBCP partnered with Full Court Press to find a way to tell this story and share their successes.

FCP Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

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This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week, and while teachers around the country will be treated to apples on desks and Starbucks giftcards, here at Full Court Press we’re honoring teachers by reflecting upon the powerful impact a teacher can have. In our work with education organizations such as EducationSuperHighway, Peralta Community College District, and the California Acceleration Project, we’ve seen how much work is being done to try to improve education systems. One thing we can agree upon is the need to appreciate, encourage, and cultivate more life-changing teachers like the ones we celebrate today.

Today and every day, FCP celebrates a lifelong love of learning, and a deep appreciation for those who teach and cultivate it. We had the FCP staff share some reflections on teachers who have had a lasting impact on them below:   

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5 Tips for Buying Twitter Ads

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With this post, FCP officially welcomes Shoshanna Howard to the team. Follow her at @sho_how.  Look for her bio on this website and a fun “hello” post coming soon.

FCP was recently tasked with a great opportunity to provide one of our clients with a robust and effective Twitter campaign to increase Tweet Engagements through advertising. Twitter Ads is a fairly new marketing and advertising tool that can be used in many ways.

For this particular campaign we were focused on getting as many targeted retweets as possible.  We used Twitter Ads to show elected officials that their decision on a recent bill was noticed by their constituents. It proved to be a great success and we learned five key points that we’d like share. 

Calm Voices & Community Conversations on Immigration

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Tonight President Obama will announce a sweeping plan to use his executive authority to act on immigration reform. His plan will allow hundreds of thousands of Californians to move out of the shadows and live openly without fear of deportation. The president’s measured approach of simply extending temporary legal status to Dreamers and families of U.S. citizens, without wading into debates around healthcare or citizenship, offer a path forward in a debate that has been stalled for decades.

With strong leadership from our President and powerful community voices like the Napa Valley Community Foundation leading a constructive and forward-looking conversation about immigration, we can make progress on this difficult and polarizing issue. In May of 2012, the Napa Valley Community Foundation released a report and convened the community for the first in a series of discussions. You can read a case study on how FCP helped in the process here. One of the lasting legacies of this effort has been that the Foundation provided the community with high-quality data, a safe space to discuss its impacts, and videos to share personal perspectives on the issue.

Here is Angela’s perspective on immigration:

Giving Thanks (For the Non-Obvious Stuff)

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As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, its a great moment to reflect on gratitude.  At FCP, we are thankful for our clients and the work they ask us to do.  We are also grateful for our collaborators, colleagues and friends.  As individuals, we are thankful for our family, our health and our community.  So, in honor of the day, we wanted to share some non-obvious things we are thankful for.

Hey, FCP team…what are you thankful for?

Edit: Gorgeous walks to and from work. I am so lucky to live right near Lake Merritt and walk to work every morning. I am greeted with sunshine reflecting off the water in the morning and the “necklace of lights” that encircles Lake Merritt in the evening. Top that off with a view of the Cathedral of Light, and what more could a girl ask for?

Debra: Dialectical Thinking, Perseverance, & the Bay Area

Zoe: the tasty cappuccinos at Modern Coffee

Sarah: I was able to visit Mendocino County for the first time.

Josh (The Intern): Good Bay Area sports teams/ESPN Insider, cooking, music and the Internet

Dan: Great fiction, SportsCenter, Spotify, and the 24/7 news cycle (sometimes). And given that the confluence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah won’t happen again for 70,000 years, I’m thankful for seeing this happen as well.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!