Welcome to FCP, Erin!

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Earlier this summer we welcomed Erin Ivie as a Senior Communications Counselor to the FCP team. Erin joins us after working for years as a breaking news reporter at the San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune and Contra Costa Times; and consulting at public affairs and public relations firms in San Francisco.

We caught up with Erin to answer a few questions we didn’t quite get around to in her bio. You can also follow her on Twitter @erin_ivie or drop her a line at erin@fcpcommunications.com.


What do you bring that’s new to Full Court Press?
My reporter cap. The FCP team as a whole has strong journalistic instincts, but I bring something new in that I was once a working journalist. We like to throw the ol’ reporter cap back on my head and look at our work through that critical lens — nothing moves off our desks that wouldn’t work for me as a journalist.

Happy Centennial, National Park Service!

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This week we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, the agency that oversees natural wonders like Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. Public lands have played such an important role over the past century, and not just in the opportunities they provide for recreation and respite. National parks, forests, monuments and wildlife refuges protect natural and cultural heritage, keep our air and water clean, and provide economic benefits for local communities.

But if there’s one thing we’d like to see grow and develop over the next 100 years of the National Park Service, it’s representation — the face of today’s America reflected on public lands. According to a poll released this week by New America Media and the Next 100 Coalition, 95 percent of our country’s voters of color believe it is important for young people to see their cultures and histories reflected in America’s public lands. That’s why four out of five respondents say they approve of President Obama’s commitment to protecting national public lands, and believe it’s important for the next president to continue improving access to America’s most treasured places for people of all cultures and backgrounds.  

The poll surveyed 900 African American, Latino and Asian Pacific American voters nationwide and received extensive media coverage in the days leading up to the Aug. 25 Centennial. Its findings challenge a perception that communities of color are uninterested in national public lands, a misconception rooted in studies reporting lower rates of outdoor engagement than that of Caucasian Americans.

Legal cases as a lever for policy change

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FCP has always provided counsel to attorneys to help ensure that a powerful verdict with deep public policy implications was heard far beyond the courtroom steps.  Here are three lessons we’ve learned along the way to make sure our client’s voice is heard in the public debate when an important case is filed or when a winning settlement or verdict is achieved.

Details Matter:  Too often, we think details (especially those containing lots of legalese) will make a reader’s eyes glaze over.  However, it’s often those very details that make the story easier for readers to understand.  In the case of gender discrimination, granular details of pay disparity can make the issue real for men and women alike.  Details of the unproven restraint procedures used by police in subduing mentally ill suspects can drive empathy and policy change in local communities.

Humanity Matters:  Legal cases often shed light on powerful stories of personal loss and suffering.  They can also shed light on a path or opportunity for redemption on important cultural issues. News coverage often resonates most when it tells human stories that tap into the zeitgeist of the moment (improper use of cell phones) or the failure of schools to protect vulnerable students on the Autism spectrum.  Ensuring important legal stories are told with humanity and clarity can drive the policy changes we all seek.

Is it you? FCP hiring Senior Communications Counselor

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WE ARE HIRING! Public Relations – Senior Communications Counselor

Are you passionate?  Are you a great writer? Are you competitive? Are you a team player and a leader?  Are you a quick learner?  If so, join us.

Full Court Press Communications (fcpcommunications.com) is looking for a full time senior communications counselor. We provide strategic communications counsel to foundations, businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, advocacy coalitions, non-profits and more.

We seek a smart, creative team player with exceptional written and verbal communications skills. This is a leadership and client/program management position.

The person in this role will work with senior staff on a broad portfolio of clients, however, work on environmental and land conservation issues will be a key component of this position.  This person may also oversee communications staff members who will engage in project and tactical implementation.

Four to eight years of experience in public relations, communications, public affairs, corporate communications or political campaigns is required.

Day to day activities will include overseeing client projects, providing strategic communications counsel, writing content such as press releases and op-eds, creating and implementing social media strategies, pitching reporters, and planning and executing press events.

Qualities desired in a candidate include the following:

  • Prior experience in a leadership position with a proven track record of client oversight or program management.
  • Experience with strategic communications planning and providing counsel and recommendations on communications activities.
  • Exceptional communications skills and the ability to take complex ideas and translate it into concise and effective messaging materials.
  • Strong writing skills and the ability to create copious amounts of high quality written content.
  • Experience pitching reporters, opinion editors, and editorial boards and existing relationships with media outlets.
  • Familiarity with a variety of social media platforms and experiencing leveraging these mediums to support communications goals.
  • The ability to work independently and under short deadlines, and bounce quickly between clients and projects without missing a beat.
  • Experience and interest in environmental issues and land conservation issues are a plus.
  • Design skills and experience managing e-newsletter systems and websites are a plus.
  • Extra points for Spanish fluency or other language skills.

People of color encouraged to apply. This is a salaried position with health, commuting, retirement and other benefits. Please use info@fcpcommunications.com and send:

– A resume attached in PDF or Word format

– A cover letter in the text of the email

– Salary history

– Links to any work product you would like to highlight

Thank you.


How to Be Successful with Data…and Messaging

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Shosh blog- data and messaging

More and more, we are seeing that data plays a key role in strategic messaging for social change. When developing messaging for our clients, we find it useful to include data points that push their efforts towards success. Building solid messaging with just the right amount of data can influence how successful a campaign or initiative will be. Keeping the amount of data in your messaging so that it is clear and concise will go a long way.

In the field of education, we are seeing many of our clients rely on key data to ignite shifts in educational policy. With data points, education leaders and advocates are able demonstrate the needs for changes in educational policies, improvements to local schools, and resource allocations.

FCP has been fortunate to work with numerous educational advocacy groups and initiatives, and we have found that data can have a powerful impact when woven into the fabric the messaging.

$2.62 for every $1.00

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation asked FCP to help disseminate the first of its kind report for RAND Corporation on early-childhood education in California. This effort was in collaboration with education advocates from across the state. Our messaging highlighted that every dollar invested in pre-school produced $2.62 in payback for the public sector. This data point was essential for maximizing our client’s messaging impact. Advocates were able to leverage media attention and to succeed at engaging civic and community leaders by making this data point a centerpiece in their messaging.