Calm Voices & Community Conversations on Immigration

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Tonight President Obama will announce a sweeping plan to use his executive authority to act on immigration reform. His plan will allow hundreds of thousands of Californians to move out of the shadows and live openly without fear of deportation. The president’s measured approach of simply extending temporary legal status to Dreamers and families of U.S. citizens, without wading into debates around healthcare or citizenship, offer a path forward in a debate that has been stalled for decades.

With strong leadership from our President and powerful community voices like the Napa Valley Community Foundation leading a constructive and forward-looking conversation about immigration, we can make progress on this difficult and polarizing issue. In May of 2012, the Napa Valley Community Foundation released a report and convened the community for the first in a series of discussions. You can read a case study on how FCP helped in the process here. One of the lasting legacies of this effort has been that the Foundation provided the community with high-quality data, a safe space to discuss its impacts, and videos to share personal perspectives on the issue.

Here is Angela’s perspective on immigration:

If you’d like to read up on the Foundation’s approach and the findings, take a look at this exceptional blog from the Irvine Foundation.

Everywhere you look on the internet, on cable news, on talk radio and in diners and coffee shops, the conversation can easily turn from one of hope to one of fear.  Today, we hope that Americans can take a lesson from our friends in Napa to take a deep breath, immerse themselves in facts/data and powerful stories, and open their ears to listen.

Here is Hugo’s story:

Here is Laura’s story:



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