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Capturing Public Events

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Last week the Health and Human Services Network of California held a Day of Action at the Capitol to coincide with the CalWORKs hearing in the Assembly. With a message to “Restore, Rebuild, and Reinvest in California’s social safety net,” the Network gathered advocates from around the state with moving stories about the importance of this poverty-fighting program. We put together a quick Facebook photo album of the day’s events (click the link to check it out).

Do you have a public event or a rally coming up? We wanted to share a few tips for taking great photographs:

  1. Fill the frame. When taking crowd shots, zoom in to fill the frame of your photo with your advocates, banners, and signs. This will help convey the spirit of your event.
  2. Take individual portraits as well as crowd shots. Shots with one, two, or three advocates at your event are often going to be more compelling than a larger group shot.
  3. Look for bright colors. Bright, colorful photographs will draw your audience in.
  4. Bring the best camera you’ve got. A digital camera is a better option than an iPhone for sending shots to media or using in materials, but smartphone photos work well for social media – especially if you are posting or live-tweeting directly from the event.
  5. Take more photos than you think you’ll need. It’s always better to have more choices to pull from later, and you’ll get to use the best versions of each shot.

The Full Court Press Team

Dan Rather’s Advice…on Everything

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The JCC of San Francisco hosted an amazing evening with Dan Rather, sponsored by the Jenerosity Foundation. Dan Rather was…well…Dan Rather.  He was in town promoting his new book, Rather Outspoken.

He gave a compelling, humorous and insightful overview of the second half of the 20th century in the United States. He has a unique perspective as someone who delivered that history into our living rooms, and he was full of the kind of anecdotes and charm that either infuriate or amuse you.

But here’s the thing – at 82, he’s still as sharp as the mid-day sun on a hot, dusty Texas plain (See what I did there – a Ratherism).

Here are three takeaways I took from the Q&A that followed his formal remarks.

Leadership is needed now more than ever.  In response to a question about the gridlock in Washington, DC, he shared that it was the worst he’d ever seen. He responded, however in an interesting way.  He said that given the hyper-partisan nature of politics that it’s up to all of us to lead.  He challenged us to find ways to use our “superpowers” in our communities to identify, build, and nurture solutions to challenges.  He argued that the side benefit will be a sense of community and willingness of heart.

Announcing Our New Website

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