5 Tips for Buying Twitter Ads

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With this post, FCP officially welcomes Shoshanna Howard to the team. Follow her at @sho_how.  Look for her bio on this website and a fun “hello” post coming soon.

FCP was recently tasked with a great opportunity to provide one of our clients with a robust and effective Twitter campaign to increase Tweet Engagements through advertising. Twitter Ads is a fairly new marketing and advertising tool that can be used in many ways.

For this particular campaign we were focused on getting as many targeted retweets as possible.  We used Twitter Ads to show elected officials that their decision on a recent bill was noticed by their constituents. It proved to be a great success and we learned five key points that we’d like share. 

As you set out to build your next, or first, Tweet Engagement Ad campaign take these points into mind and see if they prove to be as successful to you as they were for us.

  • Hashtags in advertising matter, too! Yes, that # sign has become even more important as social media use grows. Don’t forget you only have 140 characters to use in Twitter, so be sure your hashtag is clear, concise, catchy, and as short as possible. For example, if you are talking about media use, a hashtag like #TwitterIsModernMedia will eat up your character count and it isn’t catchy. Try to trim down the words so that the hashtag is shorter and still clearly states your message. An alternative example could be #ModernMedia, which captures the topic and uses fewer characters.
  • Speeding up the rate can help. Twitter Ads has a feature called “acceleration” that can speed up the number of times your promoted tweet appears in a user’s feed. We found that Wednesdays and weekends got the most traffic.  We suggest that you increase the acceleration rate on days when there is an increased Twitter usage and especially use this feature if your campaign is only running for a short amount of time (one week or less). Note: this acceleration feature does increase the cost.
  • Target your audience…with words. The real magic of engagement comes from knowing how to use keywords that are both broad and specific to your target audience’s interest. When you are setting up your Twitter Ad campaign, selecting keywords that reflect your messaging will help you reach highly interested target audiences within your geographical boundaries. For example, if you are running a campaign on water use in San Diego, be sure to put “showering” as a key word, but also think about more broad terms like “environment” or “water.” These keywords will reach all the users in San Diego and especially those who have shown interest in the keywords you use. Don’t go overboard with your keywords –the idea is to keep the campaign strategic, clear, and goal oriented.
  • Make it visual. Visuals are essential for Twitter Ads. A user is exposed to countless tweets per day- what will make your ad stand out in their feed? Have a captivating image or video that reiterates and supports your message and call to action. Be sure the good quality image or video reaffirms the message. For example, if you are trying to get dogs adopted and show images of lizards, your message will come completely lost.
  • Be catchy and be creative. Making tweets can be a great opportunity to be creative and effective. When drafting your tweets, be sure to remember that the character limit is 140 (images and videos take 20 characters). Getting a message across with these limits can be tough. However, try to let the restraints push you to be creative, catchy, and concise in your messaging.  Remember that you have the potential of being lost in a sea of tweets.

And finally, remember that each campaign varies, so be sure you are making the best decision for the goals you are trying to achieve. Go ahead and give Twitter Ads a try for your next campaign, you may see an unexpected boost.

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